Friday, April 27, 2012


Hullo 'dere, world!!1! It's a me, B'Lack Osama, President of the Incorporated Continents of NuMerica! I am a 'fictional character' from an amalgamated parallel universe in one possible future. I have traveled to your time to learn more about your terrorcidal culture in its' golden age and to lock down google search results before someone else does. Wrecking the culture is my aim and I never miss. Look for more crap on this site, as well as my twitter account: (@theblackosama) and my tumblr: ('cuz dat's what all teh cool kids are on nowdayz). I will post more later. Come back, follow me on twitter, leave me copious amounts of tumblr notes, etc., etc. I'm sure I will start hocking t-shirts and stuff too, if ur into giving people money for goodz.

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